What is Lent?

Let us reflect on one of the fundamental seasons of the church:Lent

Etymologically, the concept of lent is derived from Latin which basically means ‘fortieth’. Forty days preceding Easter, rigorous spiritual spring cleaning. It commemorates 40 days Jesus spent in the desert, fasting and praying in preparation for his public ministry. It is a period for us Christians to pause, introspect, retrospect and re-assess our relationship with God and make a conclusive decision whether or not God really matters in our lives.

UntitledWhy the number 40?

Scripturally, the number forty plays a pivotal role in re-assessing stages in our relationship with God. It is period of preparation before an important event could take place. Read the following biblical quotations in order to understand the number 40: Genesis 7:12, Numbers 14:34, Matthew 4:1-11.

Untitled1Why the use of ashes?

Ashes symbolize an act of repentance. In ancient history, whenever a sin was committed, ashes were spread all over the body as an act of acknowledgement of one’s sins and repentance thereof. Read Matthew 12:41, 1kings 21:27-29, Judith 4:11 Ashes also express the temporal nature of humanity; “gopola motho gore o Molora gomme moloreng o tla bolela” which therefore calls for a total dependence on God and God alone. We derive our existence from God therefore our whole lives must be centered around Him. This season is characterized, inter alia, by a tripartite resolute of 1. Prayer 2. Fasting. 3. Alms giving During the course of this season i will reflect on each on those resolute substantially. “Fides quarens intellectum”- seek by all means to understand Ur faith. ACTS Univen Secretary 2013/14