The ACTS Prayer

God our Father for all times, and for all people.
We thank you for sending us your son,
our Brother and Lord Jesus Christ.
We pray that we can follow his example
as a young man when He walked the earth.

Give us the grace to know more and
more, and as Youth grant us the energy and
desire to serve you more closely. Open our
eyes to You in all things. Renew our
faith Lord, and refresh it. We are
conscious of the burdens in our lives – let us
unite our suffering with yours Lord, and
give us the strength to do your will. Through
the Sacraments Youth Church may we
become new children of God. What we are
is your gift to us, what we become is
our gift to you.

Help us as ACTS to spread Your teaching
to a new generation of youth people who
will in the future be the leaders of the
African Church. As we continue to fight
against poverty and AIDS and seek to
empower those who have in the past not
been given opportunity, may we never lose
sight of your Gospel.

We ask all of this through the intercession
of Mary, the patroness of South Africa, our
Mother and Queen, and all Saints, Angels
and Ancestors.