Gauteng Provincial Report – 2012 / 2013

UntitledScreen Shot 2013-07-24 at 12.34.49 PMINTRODUCTION

ACTS GAUTENG is the smallest province in our country but the biggest province in ACTS because it ten (10) branches which are namely MEDUNSA, NWU (Vaal), TUT (Garankuwa), TUT (Main), TUT (Soshanguve), UJ (Apk), UJ (Soweto), UP, VUT, and WITS. Our provincial executive committee is made up of fifteen (15) members from the different branches and ten (10) of these members are chairpersons of the branches we have.


There are three regions in our province which are namely the Pretoria region, the Johannesburg region and the Vaal region. Under the Pretoria region we have the following branches: the University of Pretoria (UP), TUT (Garankuwa), TUT (Soshanguve), TUT (Main) and MEDUNSA. Under the Johannesburg region we have the following branches: WITS, UJ (Apk), and UJ (Soweto). Under the Vaal region we have the following branches: NWU (Vaal) and VUT.


The Gauteng PEC was elected in office on the 16th of September 2012 at TUT (Soshanguve) during our annual provincial conference.


We have the following events as a province:

  • PEC GATHERINGS (Meetings)
  • Annual Provincial Opening Mass


  • ABCD Lifestyle Rally
  • Provincial March against Rape
  • Annual Provincial AGM (to be hosted by North-West Vaal)


  • We managed to establish a relationship with the youth of Johannesburg Diocese through the help of some of the supportive alumnae.
  • We revived North-West University (Vaal)
  • We launched UJ (Soweto) last year and I am proud to say that it is only one year old but it is one of the most active and strongest branches we have.


  • We do not have a provincial chaplain ()
  • The academic calendars of our institutions are very different so setting meetings and finalizing events was a challenge
  • Lack of supportive chaplains at grass root level, which is at branch level

Despite the challenges that we as Gauteng had, the still manage to maintain good relationships between all our branches, we work together as the PEC and we are still one big happy ACTS-GAUTENG FAMILY.