ACTS Recruitment Campaign 2015

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#ACTSRecruitmentCampaign2015: It was that time of the year, where we all worked together to welcome a huge number of new members. The organization’s growth and sustainability depended on it. Every branch had to pull out their banners or borrow banners from neighbouring parishes if required, get tables where the new comers would likely have appeared regularly at each campus, including entertainment with Catholic music for better identification. The recruiting teams (ACTS Members) were in their ACTS WEAR and were encouraged to be as warm and welcoming as possible.

Every year after the release of the Matric results in South Africa; a massive influx of students is experienced by various tertiary institutions. This means that ACTS gets to get a big number of new members. ACTS has been a “home away from home” for many students since 1993 and still continues to welcome a huge number of Students each and every year into the family. The ACTS Recruitment Campaign 2015 with “#LetACTSbeKnown” as its theme aimed at making sure that ACTS is visible to all those new students and they know how to be part of this wonderful students’ body. This was a pivotal campaign for this students’ movement and without a shadow of a doubt, it was a success.

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